Amish country

Today’s visit was to a school for 11-14 year olds- a middle school. This school was highlighted by Michael Fullan as an excellent school, particularly for its use of technology.

I was in several classrooms and spoke with students who were articulate. They were able to show me how they were editing a story or were using an app to code in order to make a short sequence appear on their screen.

Technology appears to take around 3 years for teachers to get totally competent with and , like our students, it is learnt one short piece at a time- which begs the question -why do we train people in whole day events?

I saw an Amish student who was in a DC ( Developmentally Challenged) class. He was wearing his traditional Amish outfit ( including a round hat made of corn) and a plain blue and white suit. At age 21 he is just about to leave middle school. 

A final thought is why are the Canadiens educating their kids so well ( according to PISA ) and yet they do not have an inspectorate like us in the UK? Do we need inspectors to raise standards or does it merely cause stress and paperwork hell for UK teachers ?


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