Vancouver Winston Churchill 

Arrived at 22:30 Vancouver time, picked up a hire car and got to where I’m staying at midnight. First school visit here booked for 9am start- such a rookie mistake booking visit so soon to landing.

Watched the news this morning and 15 schools have been  given notice to close by the local government. They give one years notice and then the kids are reallocated to other schools in the area. Spare school spaces, the reduction in student numbers and reduced budgets were cited as the main reasons. 

This visit was to a huge secondary school with over  1900 students. They offer selective programmes in English and French immersion- by selective I mean the International baccalaureate or IB programme, so they have high levels of student attainment. I guess having many hard-working Asian students also helps, and the fact that they work hard and do well is no myth. 

The principal is retiring  and was only in the school six years. By UK standards that’s short, but not out here. They shift administrators around, some Vps only stay 2 years before they are shifted on by the school board.

I spent some time with the principal and vice principal, and as its the second last day of term here, that was great.

More nice school related gifts to add to my suitcase. Canadiens are so generous. Gotta love this country. Vancouver is simply stunning.


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