Koalas and creativity 

Just spent a week in Sydney and yes I did manage to see a cute, short haired grey male. His name was Bert and he was an eight year old Koala bear.

And as for schools, well I saw three totally different ways of sound education.

One was an amazing elementary school in Wollogong.  The principal arranges rooms to have enough desks for 80% of kids so that teachers use the corridor spaces outside their rooms and do pupil lead work throughout the day. Loved it. Loved the principal’s balance, wisdom and risk taking.

The other school was performing arts school. If you ever saw Mr G and Summerhills High on the BBC then you might appeciste this type of school. 

The school is highly selective as pupils want to access the brilliant facilities and will travel outside their local school zone to go there. This school has limited behaviour issues to deal with, illustrating the importance of offering a really strong curriculum. 

The school has old buildings and recently has put in lifts and miles of outside ramps to allow  free access for a pupil who uses a wheelchair. The principal was enthusiastic and I loved the prominacne of art work  and creative pieces throughout the school, including knitted items covering a bland area of old pillars. 

Wollongong, you did not disappoint. 


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